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Bronx, NY · Human Resources
Animal Hospital of Morris Park
Is expanding fast – Looking for a dedicated

Recruiter (Future HRM)
The Bronx, NY

About our hospital:

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Lazlo Sichnik, our small animal hospital specializes in dogs and cats. Our goal is to detect, successfully treat and cure our patients. We implement unique, innovative and efficient technologies into all treatments, based on Dr. Sichnik’s methods. Our clinic proves every day to the community that even the most hopeless cases can be successfully resolved. We have saved many animals lives in situations when other clinics refused to treat them.

Today we operate the clinic with 6 doctors, an international team from Chile to Mexico.

Why you should join our group:
  • Great opportunity to develop your career as our future Human Resources Manager, depending on your performance as recruiter.
  • You will be part of a well-established, ethical, family-owned organization which is rapidly growing.
  • We kept all of our employees during past recessions. Our staff are our most precious asset.
  • Lot of learning possibility and training on technical and administrative matters.
  • We are constantly working on raising standard and moral.
Our Location: We are located in Morris Park, NY 10 minutes away from Einstein University. Our address is: 1135A Morris Park Ave Bronx NY 10461.  www.bronxanimalhospital.com

Note: this can be a part time position at the start, but it will need to grow into a full time one very fast. This is an in-office position but hybrid remote can be considered.

Your Mission as Recruiter:

As our recruiter/future HRM, you will be responsible for hiring, onboarding and training personnel. The end result of you position is: a well-established organization with successful, productive and happy staff members.

Recruiter’s duties and responsibilities:
As our recruiter:
  • Post ads
  • Review resumes
  • Prescreen interviews
  • Conduct reference check
  • Conduct testing
  • Schedule for working interview
As our (future) HR Manager:
  • Look at what position not filled and find people for it
  • Recruit - hiring with Practice manager
  • Onboard - staff placement
  • Maintain new staff routing form
  • Maintain new hire documents (employee handbook, hat write up)
  • New hire orientation
  • personal files
  • Produce, update and enforce routing forms for staff and new clients
  • Update organizing chart with new hires
  • Personnel conduct and ethics.
Required experience and qualifications:
  • 2-3 years of experience as a recruiter
  • Some experience in the HR Department of any type of practice is a plus
  • College degree is a plus
Preferred soft skills and personality traits:
  • Ethical,
  • Honest,
  • Consistent,
  • Very well organized,
  • Ability to follow through on projects,
  • Persistent – you are not a quitter,
  • Hard working,
  • Loyal,
  • Goals driven,
  • Innovative, not afraid of taking initiatives,
  • Result oriented,
  • very good oral and written communication skills.
Offered salary and other compensation:
Based on your experience and performance record, we offer a starting salary of $24.00 to $33.00 per hour. Additionally, we offer (after the 3-month trial period):
  • Paid vacation
  • Holiday pay
  • Health Insurance
Thank you for sending your application online.

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