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Associate Doctor of Chiropractic

Silverdale, WA · Healthcare
The Chiropractors Clinic, P.S.
Is expanding fast – Looking for a dedicated

Associate Doctor of Chiropractic
Silverdale, WA

About our Practice:
Our practice was started in 1981 by Dr. Stedman. We have thousands of patients, and we are the most established, recognized chiropractic clinic in the area. We treat hundreds of patients per week, and we keep getting new ones – which is why we need help. We provide chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, orthotics, and spinal exercise.

Why you should join our clinic:
  • This position calls for someone interested in a unique career development opportunity.  You will progressively take more responsibilities and eventually run the clinic, while Dr. Stedman focuses on expansion.
  • We love what we do: We help people take care of their health and we improve lives.
  • Our staff members are very dedicated, energetic, and upbeat.
  • Our patients love coming in to soak up the positive environment.
  • Dr. Stedman’s philosophy is that everyone who works in our clinic will be healthier and more successful in life because of what they learn working with us.
Our Location: 3595 NW Bucklin Hill Road Silverdale, WA.98383

Your Mission as Associate Doctor of Chiropractic:
  • This position is necessary to help the clinic get people well by providing expert chiropractic care to help create a healthier community. This position exists because the main doctor, who is the clinic director, needs help to deliver the services to all the patients who need it. There are many more patients requesting care in our clinic than one doctor can provide.
  • As our Associate Doctor of Chiropractic, you will be expected to take and evaluate digital x-rays. You will be taught how to give reports of findings and to manage the care of the patients you treat.  You will learn every aspect of running a practice. You will be taught the adjustment techniques used by the clinic, with the Activator Method. You will work as a team member for the good of all.
Associate Doctor of Chiropractic’s duties and responsibilities:
  • Doing consultations, exams and taking x-rays.
  • Mark x-rays and keep notes on the treatment of each patient.
  • Indoctrinate patients as to what is expected of them so we can get them well.
  • Guide patients through their treatment program.
  • Learn all about spinal decompression and how to deliver the service.
  • Treat patients with light force technique called Activator Method. You will be taught how to get results with this technique and will be expected to do the same procedures as the other doctors in the clinic.
  • The clinic has very successful procedures for everything from providing exceptional chiropractic care, to giving correct information to insurance companies and attorneys.  You will be expected to learn all the procedures expected of a doctor.
  • You will be thoroughly trained on these procedures as well as on the practice software.
Required experience and qualifications:
  • Graduated from an accredited Chiropractic college
  • Must have a current Doctor of Chiropractic license for the State of Washington.
  • Two years of experience practicing is desired.
Preferred soft skills and personality traits:
  • Great communication skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Passionate about helping patients get well with chiropractic
  • Must be willing to get new patients through referrals
  • Willing to learn constantly and ability to apply what you learned
  • Your eagerness to learn from an experienced doctor is paramount
  • Very well organized
  • Honesty and transparency are vital
Offered salary and other compensation:
Based on your experience and performance record, we offer $80,000 - $100,000+ - including a base and bonuses.  Additionally, we offer:
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Malpractice insurance
Thank you for sending your application online.

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