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Glen Dale, WV · Healthcare
Wylie Dental Care
Glen Dale, WV
Is expanding fast – Looking for a dedicated

About our practice:
As a leader in Oral Surgery, Implant Surgery, Oral Sedation and Endodontic Therapy, Dr. Wylie offers one of the only State-of-the-art labs where he can produce top of the line implants while offering same-day service. We treat staff and patients exactly like we would want to be treated, like we would our own family members.

Everyone in the practice is thriving to do the best for the patient – the best filling, the best crown, the best implant, the best full mouth reconstruction, the best bite, the best aesthetics, the best TMD health and comfort and so forth and so on.  We are, as a team, always involved in continual improvement and in the development of each individual in the group. 
The atmosphere in our practice is one of curiosity and openness.  The atmosphere is safeness and creativity within the confines of the necessity of timely delivery of excellent dental care.

Our Location: 1589 Wheeling Ave. Glen Dale, WV 26038. www.wyliedental.com

Hygienist’s schedule: Monday to Thursday 9:00-5:00, and occasionally (but rarely) in the evening.

Your Mission as Hygienist:
To help the dentist create a happy patient that is dentally sound, completely comfortable as far as their mouth is concerned, and refers others into the practice.

Some of our Hygienist’s duties and responsibilities:
  • Keeping the patient calm and comfortable by communicating what we are doing while empathetically understanding how the patient is doing so the patient is not undergoing undue stress.
  • Accurate gathering of data through impressions and intraoral scans.
  • Participating in data collection for emergency and new patient exams.
  • Pulp testing questionable teeth.
  • Taking a full series of x-rays and CT scans.
  • Polishing teeth, root planning teeth, anesthetizing patients for all procedures, probing and assessing periodontal pocketing and recording such, intra-oral scanning, instrument sharpening, taking impressions, and bleaching.
  • Willing to be cross trained in assisting for suctioning for the dentist in a 4 handed, or 6 handed dentistry scenarios when staff and patient demands dictate such.
  • Being a team player, who appreciates and respects each and every other staff role in the practice and is not above helping out on whatever may be needed.
  • Willing to understand occlusion and its role in all aspects of dental destabilization and especially in the preservation and longevity of full mouth reconstruction implant dentistry.
Required experience and qualifications:
  • College Degree in dental hygiene.
  • Having or willing to obtain a certificate for anesthetizing patients with local anesthetic.
  • Experience welcome but not essential.
Preferred soft skills and personality traits:
  • Ability to learn quickly and be willing to practice new skills as exactly as possible. 
  • Good hand skills and good spatial relationship perception. 
  • Great communication skills.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Responsibility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Problem solving.
  • Decisiveness.
  • Great organization skills and ability to work under pressure.
Offered salary and other compensation:
Depending on your experience and performance record, we offer a salary of $25 an hour to $38 per hour. Additionally, we offer:
  • Optical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • 401K
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