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Kansas City, KS · Construction/Facilities
Dry Deck Ceilings LLC
Is expanding fast – Looking for a result-oriented
(Kansas City)

About our company:
Since September 2015, Kansas City-based Dry Deck Ceilings has been a local leader in creating beautiful, rainproof under-deck ceilings in the Metro area, with over 600 completed ceilings. At Dry Deck Ceilings we have taken the concept of the under-deck ceiling and brought it way, way up from barn-tin-slapped-up-under-the-deck to a beautiful, drip-free, indoor looking ceiling that totally transforms the look of our clients’ under-deck patio area.
We are the hands-down leader in this niche market. Our founder virtually created this industry in the Kansas City area. The state-of-the-art under deck ceiling that Dry Deck Ceilings puts out today was unknown 7 years ago. You will never have to worry about us running out of work. You will be creating a truly aesthetic addition to peoples' homes that gets a tickled-pink response from homeowners EVERY time.
Our Location: 1826 Tennyson St. Kansas City, KS 66104
Our website: www.drydeck.biz
Project Manager’s schedule: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Your Mission as Project Manager:
Step ONE: You will lead a 2-man crew. Each crew has a crew leader (or project manager) who is fully responsible for the installation and final product.
Step TWO: Later, based on demonstrated competencies and natural talents, this position's next level for promotion will be overseeing and running multiple crews and the related logistics, taking over some of the CEO's current workload.
Project Manager’s duties and responsibilities:
  • Correctly install an underdeck ceiling that looks professionally done and has no drips nor leaks.
  • Obtain the materials for doing the work.
  • Make the ceiling panels.
  • Run your crew - manage your hourly wage crewman and interface with the homeowner.
  • Manage inquiries from new potential customers.
  • Answer clients’ questions and do proper measurements.
  • Keep the paperwork/spreadsheet and full admin on jobs - including job scheduling.
  • Schedule for installations.
  • See that any repairs/leaks reported by a customer are handled quickly and permanently.
Required experience and qualifications:
  • 5 years’ experience in any residential or related commercial contracting field.
  • A successful track record in running other people on a job site.
  • NOTE: You need a pickup truck.
Preferred soft skills and personality traits:
  • This position requires a friendly attitude in dealing with crewmen and especially with homeowners, no matter how grumpy or critical a homeowner may be.
  • Must be fast with receiving and answering/acknowledging communications from homeowners and co-workers.
  • Ability to manage high volume of communication.
  • Ability to keep good records and keep things well organized in general is a must.
Offered salary and other compensation:
Depending on your experience and performance record, we offer a yearly salary of $50,000 - $100,000, including base and bonuses.
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