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Court Researcher

Barnstable, MA
Baxter Research
is growing fast – looking for help
Court Researchers in Massachusetts
About us:
We began with one court researcher on a bicycle in San Francisco, and have since expanded into a professional research network spanning multiple states.
We specialize in providing criminal background checks to the Background Screening Industry. Our purpose is to protect honest employers and employees from criminality in the workplace. We are widely regarded as among the best at what we do in our industry.
Our culture is professional yet friendly. Turnover amongst our group is low, with many staying on for years or even decades.
Our location:  Massachusetts (Headquarters are in Clearwater, FL).
Our Website:  www.baxterresearch.net
Court Researcher status, schedule and location:
Our Court Researchers are home based and travel to their nearby courthouse(s) daily to research records and report results into our system. An average day is about 6-7 hrs.
We are expanding in Massachusetts. We need to quickly build a reliable team of researchers to meet the escalating demands for our services there.

You must located within a comfortable commute distance to one of the following locations (daily commute is needed):
  • North Shore (Salem, Gloucester, Haverhill, Ipswich, Lowell)
  • Cape Cod - Barnstable Court
  • Central, MA
Your schedule will be flexible; you will have a 1099/independent employment status. You will need to reliably meet a daily target of completed search requests which in turn will form the basis of your income. On average you will be working 6-7 hours on weekdays to reach your daily targets.
Your Mission as a Court Records Researcher:
Your primary purpose will be to verify whether applicants for employment have a criminal history. It will be found the majority do not. For those who do, their criminal records must be competently found and reported on so their prospective employer may evaluate their suitability for the job being applied for.
Court Records Researcher’s duties and responsibilities:
A Court Records Researcher must be willing and able to perform the following tasks accurately and rapidly:
  • Research applicants on a Criminal Index in one of the 84 criminal courthouses distributed throughout the State of Massachusetts to determine a possible ID match or no match.
  • Accurately report the key facts of any matching criminal records found.
  • Use our proprietary system, which typically resides on a light laptop you carry into the court, to receive all search requests and input and report all search results.
  • Training and apprenticing will be provided. 
Required experience and qualifications:
You must be competent with a computer and ideally have a means of transportation at your disposal, as occasionally you will need to visit courthouses other than the one nearest to your home you will routinely be working in. Located in Massachusetts.
Preferred soft skills and personality traits:
You must be able to:
  • Focus your attention for prolonged periods
  • Multitask
  • Follow policy
  • Be Detail Orientated
  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Be a Hard Worker
  • Be Result-driven
Offered salary and other compensation:
This job can offer an estimated $40,000 per year, based on your own production of completed search requests and your ability to consistently meet your daily and weekly quotas. The work is paid piecemeal. The more efficient and productive you are, the more you can make.
IMPORTANT: We do not accept walk-in or call-in applications; your application will only be taken seriously when applying online.

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