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Apprentice Consultant/Future Partner

Montrose, CA · Accounting/Finance
Growing fast – Looking for a dedicated
Apprentice Consultant/Future Partner
At Expansion Consultants Inc.
We are a study-tech-to-business group that is located in an aesthetic, non-smoking building in Montrose, CA. We specialize in consulting optometrists who provide vision therapy. To put it simply, vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes. It uses specialized activities and techniques to fix a variety of different eye coordination and eye movement disorders. Our clients are based mainly in the US, but also in Canada, Malaysia and Australia.
The company has been in existence for 30 years and the owner & senior consultant, Toni Bristol, is a major opinion leader in the field.  As such, she has extensive comm. lines to other opinion leaders in the field who have become good friends. In addition, she has created strong relationships with the organizations to which the doctors belong.  These are incredible assets that ensure the company’s success now and into the future.
Toni was told by a doctor who she has known a long time who is also a major opinion leader in the field, “You have so much important and beneficial information to share with our profession that ultimately results in positive changes in the lives of countless children and adults.”
Here is a recent success story from our Magic of Case Presentation 4-day workshop where doctors are introduced to study tech:
"This gave me the realization that the core of good patient care as a developmental optometrist is not only to evaluate the problem my patient has but also being able to have good communication skills and have an effective relationship with my patients, their parents, and whoever gives them care at home, school and other aspects of their lives."
Why should you join us?
Make a good living implementing Study Tech in the health care field and effectively keep kids and adults off psychiatric drugs by doing so. If you enjoy demonstrating competence and experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done, this position will challenge you to ever increasing levels of skill. As your skill advances so will your responsibilities and financial compensation.
Our clients are a unique set of optometrists who are passionate about helping children and adults function better in life by receiving the correct treatment for vision problems that are often otherwise misdiagnosed as behavioral issues or “mental health” problems.  Our consulting services help them to get their services better understood by their patients, vision therapy more broadly known to other professionals and the general public, as well as helping our clients’ businesses to expand and succeed.
Our location: 2609 Honolulu Ave., Suite 203, Montrose, CA 91020
Our Website: https://www.expansionconsultants.com/
The consultant hat is very extensive.  It requires excellent communication skills, long distance management skills, as well as marketing and PR skills.  You will be apprenticed to ensure that you are able to effortlessly get excellent products to continue the goodwill and word of mouth that already exists.
Initially, to become competent at handling the administrative functions for a consultant, working your way up through doingness and shadowing to understanding and taking on full consultant duties. Once you have a proven record of success with clients, you may be offered a partnership in the company.
  • Study Tech Courses
  • Some experience as an exec and knowledge of how to run a business
  • Must know how to use the MS Office Suite of programs including Microsoft Publisher, Power Point and Excel
  • Web savvy and social media experience is a plus
  • Further Qualifications to be discussed in person.
Competitive salary appropriate for the applicant’s experience and skill level. 
Please do not call the office as we do not process application on the phone. Simply reply to this posting by clicking on the link provided.
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