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Experienced Patient Registrar/Sales Representative

Florence, SC · Healthcare
Advantage Health & Wellness Center
Experienced Patient Registrar/Sales Representative
In Florence, SC
About our practice:
We are a Multi-specialty Medical office that specializes in helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through Regenerative Medicine while educating them on how their body functions, how Regenerative Medicine works, and what health is all about, so they can tell others about what we do, and why we do what we do!
We utilize cutting edge procedures to save people from needless drugs and surgery!
Our location: 507 West Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 29501
Our Website:
Your mission:
The purpose of the Patient Registrar/Sales Representative is to ensure each patient is very well educated on the need and purpose for treatment and effective well understood financial arrangements resulting in a fully paid and compliant patient.  This is done by the Patient Registrar/Sales Representative being the Coach, Facilitator, Strategist, Visionary, Influencer, and Team Member to the department.
The viewpoint you should have while working this position:
You as a Patient Registrar/Sales Representative will be committed to achieving the goals and the objectives for the purpose of the company.  You will need to be a Patient Registrar/Sales Representative that when times are tough continues to look for solutions and cease from blaming others. You must for ways to make ideas work rather than reasons they won’t.  You will need to be eager in your willingness to reach our purpose and all that it entails.  You are the Department Head of Patient Registration/Sales, that will help others win and take pride in other’s victories.  You need to believe in what we are doing so you can act on pure purpose.  You will be part of a “support system” working alongside the whole staff to educate our patients on their health, moving them to their optimal level of health and well-being.  You must have passion and be committed to the work that needs to be done. You possess the education, skills, knowledge, competencies, and experiences needed to effectively be that “support system”.  You must own your job.

Your schedule will be: Monday - Thursday 11-7. Friday 8-1
Patient Registrar/Sales Representative Specific responsibilities & duties:
  • Must know and understand all aspects of the company and the purpose of the company.
  • Be trained and attend all trainings to have knowledge of the job and its duties.
  • Must have knowledge of all department policies and company policies.
  • Understand and implement all company forms, Communication Center Box, 3 basket system, and email to communicate. (If you do not know these management systems, you must be able and willing to be trained)
  • Do the Report of Findings
  • Collect finances from patients.  Keeps accurate track of all Prepays, Care Credit, and HCPS collected.
  • Go over the Patient Policies with the patient and gets agreement on each of them.  Schedule patients and guests for Workshops
  • Do all required paperwork with the patient such as Treatment Plan, Financial Agreements, Service Agreements, Liens, and etc.
  • Collect, Track, and verify all daily logs are correct and up to date.
  • Make sure that the referral activities continue at a level that ensures growth.
  • Get testimonials.
  • Work and graph all required stats. Complete quota graph daily.  Turn weekly stats in on Fridays.
  • Complete and implement personal Battle plan.
  • Meet for morning huddle.
  • Meet for department meeting every morning before office opens and every afternoon before opening after lunch. 
  • Responsible for checking the schedule to ensure that all patients scheduled for the Report of Findings and Re-exams are scheduled correctly.
  • Document all relevant information.
  • Bring wins to morning huddle  
Patient Registrar/Sales Representative Daily Actions:
  • Staff meetings/Department meetings
  • Meeting and educating all Day patients
  • Properly handing off patient and patients charts according to policy
  • Scheduling all day patients correctly
  • Call and reschedule all missed appointments for day patients
  • Log checks on all logs used in department
  • Meeting with all re-exam patients/scheduling future visits and next re-exam
  • Completing all required reports for department
  • Checking and working charts on cart at front desk
  • Turning in all correct stats used in department
  • Bring wins to morning huddle 
Patient Registrar/Sales Representative​ Required qualifications/experience:
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Able to control others in a nice but assertive way.
  • Two years or more experience in sales.
  • Two years or more experience in the medical field.
  • Two years or more customer service experience. 
Patient Registrar/Sales Representative Desired Personality Characteristics:
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Upbeat/Smile a lot
  • Must be able to think and act efficiently
  • Able to be professional yet comforting with patients
Patient Registrar/Sales Representative Offered salary & other compensations:
We offer a base plus (uncapped) commission.  With this you could and should earn up to $75,000 depending on experience and your production.
We also offer: Medical, Dental, Vision, Short/Long Term Disability and 401K with company Matching.
Please do not call the practice, as we do not take phone applications. Thank you for applying through the link provided.
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