Public Relations Manager

Location: Clearwater Beach, FL
Date Posted: 09-05-2017
Expanding fast - Looking for dedicated, expansion-driven
About our company:
We are an independent film production company working outside of the Hollywood movie machine. We fund our films either through private investors or crowd funding as well as market and distribute our films through our own marketing and distribution arm.
We have recently completed the production of our new film on the US Constitution “In Search Of Liberty” and we are now busy with distributing the film nationally. We are on a mission: to educate people on the importance of the US constitution for everyone’s freedom and future.
This unique film was indeed created with the purpose of giving people an awareness of what their rights and freedoms are in this country. We produce films that make a difference and by working with us, YOU can make a difference for the future of America. You can watch the trailer at this link:
Your mission:
You will make the company and its main product broadly known and popular, by the intelligent use of Public Relations. You will make the film attractive and wanted to all kinds of publics including distributors, educators, influential groups and civic organizations. You will create such a demand for the film (in DVD or digital forms) that a maximum number of people (potentially over 100 millions) want to buy and watch the film.
Specific responsibilities:

  • PR planning and strategy.
  • Create crusades & campaigns that carry “the message.”
  • Create and maintain strong & positive media industry relationships.
  • Create events & see that they get reported in the press, radio, TV & social media.
  • Get influencers to speak about & support our message.
  • Formulate, guide & utilize public opinion to the end of enhancing the repute & expansion of our production company and our current film.
  • Use all types of publications, news and social media to forward our message & image.
  • Create a pro & positive “word of mouth” campaign.
  • Get surveys done and appropriately use their results.
  • Research and categorize our different publics and communicate & execute PR activities specific to each of those.
Required qualifications:
  • Experience in PR with evidence of good results
  • Successful background in the film industry is a plus.               
  • Able to do the duties & functions named above.
  • MUST: You love the constitution and what it represents.
  • Must provide references which will verify your background and performance record.
Required personality & behavioral characteristics:
  • High enthusiasm and passion for the independent film industry.
  • You are willing to work hard and long hours.
  • You are result-oriented.
  • Strong people and communication skills
  • You are loyal to a cause – we want to educate our citizens on the true sense of liberty,
    so you must be a strong, passionate advocate.
  • Very good, professional appearance.
  • Good, positive control on people, in order to help them make decisions.
  • High level of tolerance and flexibility.
  • Patience.
  • Group member – you will work very closely with our team.
  • Willing to receive and consider new ideas.
Planned salary and other compensations:

Depending on your performance record and experience, we offer an overall yearly pay of $80,000 to well over $100,000, including a base salary and performance-based bonuses.
We also offer the usual & customary holidays for time off – 1,2,3 week vacation progression over the years.
Please apply through the link provided below, as we do not process applications on the phone. Thank you for your understanding.
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