Associate Doctor of Chiropractic

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ
Date Posted: 07-24-2017
Dr. Jeff Horning Chiropractic Center
Mount Laurel, NJ
Expanding fast - Looking for a dedicated, expansion-driven
Associate Doctor of Chiropractic
Future Equity Owner
About our practice:
Horning Chiropractic Center is a chiropractic office that gets results when no one else does. We specialize in resolving unresolved chronic conditions as well as handling musculoskeletal issues. Our patient base ranges in age from day old infants to seniors who are in their 90s.
The average drive time for Dr. Jeff Horning’s patients is 1 to 2 hours. His patients come from New York, the entire Jersey coast, Delaware, Maryland, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Valley Forge-King of Prussia area, and areas within this perimeter.  The reason for this patient base is that Dr. Horning, in practice since 1980, specializes in unresolved chronic cases that have been unsuccessful with other health care practitioners.
Our location127 Ark Road, #19, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Your mission:
You will learn applied kinesiology and nutrition from Dr. Horning so that you will be able to provide the care patients expect. You will be sent to learn the structural aspect of care by attending an Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC) seminar. You are then expected to help generate new patients, increase revenue and eventually buy into the practice.

Specific responsibilities & duties:
  • Process and treat patients,
  • handle any nutrition needs,
  • keep daily records,
  • produce new patients,
  • daily x-ray processor maintenance,
  • follow up phone calls to patients,
  • Take new patient  x-rays when needed,
  • Do new patient consultations and exams,
  • Learn how to generate e-mails 3 times a week to patients,
  • Create patient newsletters, send out birthday e-mails, etc...
Required qualifications:
  • 2-5 years of practice experience.
  • Required  valid chiropractic license to practice in NJ.
  • Ideally, you have AK (Applied Kinesiology) knowledge and experience
  • Proficiency in ABC (Advanced Bio-structural Correction) chiropractic after training.
  • Proficiency in nutrition is a plus.
  • You should have your own malpractice insurance.
Required personality and behavioral characteristics
  • Ability to be quick thinking, think outside the box, open to any possibility.
  • Ability to speak to patients on a level they can understand.
  • Ability to realize anything, willingness to know anything can cause anything and go with it.
  • Ability to explain things without making the patient wrong.
  • Ability to get the patient to be in agreement with his/her treatment suggestions.
  • Ability to recognize any improvement, no matter how small, with the patient and get that patient to realize they are improving.
  • An entrepreneur’s mentality who should want, one day, to own part or all of the business.
Offered salary & other compensations:
Depending on your experience and performance record, we offer a base salary plus production-based commissions which can get you between $80K to over $120K annually. You will also receive 20% of all vitamins that you sell above the base salary. You should plan to make over $120K within the first year – which can be done with around 100 patient treatments per week.
Thank you for applying through the link below. We will get in touch with you ASAP.
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