Business Development Manager / Future Office Manager

Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: 06-27-2017
MED-FIT Medical Weight Loss Clinic
Denver, CO

Expanding fast - Looking for a dedicated, expansion-driven
Business Development Manager/
Future Office Manager

About us:
Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic is 100% dedicated to helping overweight and obese patients transform to their healthy after pictures. We are growing very fast. Our mission is to help patients solve health problems through weight loss by helping them take ownership of their health and wellness, improve energy with diet and exercise, and increase their self-confidence and well-being with the support and counseling from a physician. We help all patients who need to lose from 10 lbs to over 100 lbs, non-surgically.
IMPORTANT: If you enjoy being part of a small start-up company and being part of a team that is passionate in seeing the company grow to its fullest potential, then we will be a good fit. If you need structure and need to be told what to do, please do not apply. We seek creativity, innovation, and someone who enjoys exploring new ways to grow in this position. While there is a set of standard tasks and responsibilities, there is a lot of room for change and evolution.

Our location: 2373 Central Park Blvd Suite 300 Denver, CO 80238
Your mission:
  • Your primary mission will be to drive sales and lead the company to another year in exponential growth. Lead generation, nurturing prospects, and closing deals will be the central focus of your responsibilities. You will also lead the staff to meet team and individual sales goals. With existing resources, you will develop our presence on the market and seek leadership. Part of your challenges will also be to manage staff that are not naturally accustomed to sales. In a nutshell, your first target will be to help us acquire market share in a very competitive market.
  • In a second phase and depending on your success in the above mission, you will help organize our expansion. Growth will require administrative skills and at due time (within one year of successful employment), you should be willing to take over the administrative management of the company, allowing the doctors to fully take care of our clients. The challenge will be that you should never give up the sales performance targets.
Specific responsibilities & duties to include:  
  • Lead the team in selling our various products and services
  • Inbound/outbound phone calls and emails to all members and prospects
  • In-house consultations and closing deals
  • Lead and schedule weekly and/or monthly team meetings with sales team for meeting individual and team goals
  • Track personal metrics and team metrics, report data to leadership on a regular basis
  • Assist with implementing performance plans, personally and for team
  • Meet pre-determine revenue goals, number of leads generated, sales closed etc
  • Job may also require attending local events, community networking, visiting other physician offices, etc
  • Assist with Marketing Officer in creating, coordinate, and execute Marketing Calendar
  • Act as Team Sales Leader to help other team members achieve individual weekly sales goals
  • Follow-up weekly via telephone, drop in, appointment, or email new leads to set up the next steps
  • Assist with creating, posting and promoting valuable content on social media daily
  • Research and assist with pitching Dr. Tran to various publicity opportunities i.e. speaking events, radio/tv interviews, etc i.e. public relations work
  • Assist with creating content, developing nurturing process, and creating sales pages using ClickFunnels
  • Research and coordinate information sessions, webinars, etc to build relationships with new patients
  • Conduct market research, survey current and past patients to design future sales and marketing campaigns
  • Manage referral marketing campaigns, specifically to other medical offices and businesses in the health and fitness industry
  • Later, when you take over administrative responsibilities, you will need to assist in the smooth administration of our activities.
Required Qualifications and Experience:
  • Bachelor's degree in business, marketing.
  • 1-3 experiences as a sales representative; within industry is a bonus
  • One year of prior management experience or demonstrated willingness and ability to learn management
  • Strong intrapersonal skills - especially having ability to connect with our target market which is generally females ages 38-53 who need to lose over 50 lbs.
  • Exceptional written, typing, and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible and ability to adapt
  • Ability to learn new technology and implement it to our office activities
  • Demonstrated administrative/organizational skills
Other desired Personality Characteristics:
  • Ability to connect with multiple different personalities
  • Have empathy for the overweight population
  • Demonstrate leadership and ability to help our Doctor get productivity through others.
  • Reliability and Loyalty - someone who can be held accountable and will do what they say will do.
  • Understand that sales is 24/7 and that we maintain relationships around the clock with all prospects, current members, past members etc.
  • You are someone who knows how to hustle - Work is done when it is completed; work is not done at "5pm" when the office is closed.
Offered Salary & Other Compensation:
  • Depending on your experience and performance record, we offer a yearly fixed salary range of $45,000 to $55,000.
  • Additional commissions and performance-based bonuses.
  • Benefits include PTO, vacation, holiday pay, medical allowance.
Please do not call the practice. We do NOT accept phone applications. Thank you for applying through the link provided below.
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