Internet & Social Media Marketing Specialist

Location: Clearwater, FL
Date Posted: 01-04-2018
Clearwater, FL

Expanding fast - Looking for a dedicated
Internet & Social Media Marketing Specialist

BodyHealth is a boutique supplement company, producing and providing unique supplements for a wide range of customers, including those who are very sick, people who want to detoxify as well as athletes who want better performance.  
We are a small, high-energy company where our motto is GSD (Get Stuff Done).  We are all go-getters and are passionate about helping people with the nutritional supplements that we produce and sell.   We have fun in the office, while also working hard.

Our location: 707 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755

As our social media/internet Marketing specialist, your mission will be to aggressively use social media marketing to grow all BodyHealth social media platforms by 10X in terms of followers, engagements and ultimately sales driven from social media.  You will also be asked to find and engage with other social media influencers and get them involved with BodyHealth, promoting our products and lifestyle to their followers, thereby resulting in sales.
Important: this position should eventually lead to a Marketing Management position, once you have demonstrated great performance and ability to optimize the company sales potential on an unlimited market.

  1. Creating social media-based campaigns and launching ideas that will grow the BodyHealth email mailing list by 10X.
  2. Regular, constant and amazing quality posts on all social media channels daily. Dramatically increasing likes & fans on all platforms - like 100X.
  3. Create social media campaigns which bring in qualified leads who buy our products with full confidence and become loyal customers – better even, brand ambassadors.
  4. Post daily on all social media platforms including creating content, graphics, etc.
  5. Dramatically increase likes & fans on all platforms.  Like 100 X.
  6. Grows our newsletter/email subscriber list by 100X
  7. Manage our YouTube channel, including being involved with the new series of videos we will be filming in 2018 to get them produced and launched and get over 1 million views for each video.
  8. Strong writing and graphic skills extremely important.
  9. Adept at Facebook re-targeting.
  10. Can do Google & other re-targeting.
  • Ideally, good experience in health care, fitness & nutrition.
  • Good performance record in social media marketing.
  • Highly adept at graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  • Great writing skills, grammar, etc.
  • Fast and initiative lover.
  • Enthusiastic, upbeat.
  • Not politically correct or offended easily.
  • Able to deal with all types of customers, polyvalent and flexible.
  • Not intimidated by 10X’ing the stats.
  • Great team member who likes to play games – unserious.

Depending on your experience and performance record, we offer a base salary of $35K to $40K per year, plus additional, performance-based bonuses which could double your base.

Please do not call the office as we do not process applications on the phone. Simply submit your application through the link provided below – Thank you!
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